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Every true chocolate lover knows that the best Swiss chocolate brands offer outstanding quality. The Swiss produce about 150,000 tons of chocolate per year. Swiss people consume most of that chocolate, of course. Let’s be honest, the Swiss know what’s good for them.

Yet, Swiss chocolate also enjoys a remarkable reputation worldwide. That’s why we came up with our list of top 15 Swiss chocolate brands and their products you have to try! Each brand is unique and has its own advantages. But the most important thing they all have in common is the Swiss quality and finest ingredients. Continue reading to check them out and find the one you like the most.

Here are the best Swiss chocolate brands

Toblerone is one of the most famous Swiss chocolate bars there is. It’s well-known for its long-lasting flavor and delicious taste. The name originates from the family name “Tobler” and “torrone”, the Italian word for nougat. Jean Tobler’s chocolate products were top-rated at the end of the 19th century.

Hence, in 1899 he founds with his sons the “Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie”. When his son Theodor took over in 1908, he invented a unique new chocolate: the Toblerone triangle! With its exceptional formula, the triangle chocolate bar became the best Swiss chocolate.

Toblerone ingredients are only pure Swiss milk, natural honey, and the finest raw materials. If you are a chocolate lover, you must take a bite of this Toblerone.

Although Toblerone maintains its classic taste and shape, they continue to innovate. Thus, there are white Toblerone, dark chocolate, and even crispy coconut flavors. And for true Toblerone lovers, there is a giant Toblerone bar that contains 4,5kg of chocolate!

Cailler is Switzerland’s is one of the oldest Swiss Chocolate Brands in existence. Francois-Louis Cailler founded the company in his hometown of Vevey. Since 1820 they produce the highest quality chocolate products. Consequently, the company is one of the most renowned Swiss chocolate brands today.

Discover chocolate bars, pralines, and branches in a variety of rich flavors. Try this Cailler chocolate and you will understand why Swiss chocolate is truly the best in the world! You will experience an unforgettable creamy texture and rich flavor!

Lindt chocolate manufacturer is a true master of this art. They have been developing and refining their unique recipes since 1845. They start with a selection of the finest raw ingredients, which they transform into exquisite creations that delight the young and old!

From creamy milk to dark chocolate, the brand continuously develops new Lindt chocolate flavors which surprise all chocolate lovers. The Swiss chocolate pioneers combine tradition with creativity to bring you the best products that money can buy. Tate the Lindt chocolate now!

Frey is another top-class Swiss chocolate brand, steeped in tradition since 1887. They are not as big as Toblerone, but they have a prestigious role in the Swiss chocolate scene. What started as a small company owned by brothers Robert and Max Frey has now turned into a globally known brand. The best thing is their enormous variety, with over 50 different shapes and fillings such as ganache, gianduja, cream, or praline. This Frey chocolate will definitely put a smile on your face!

Ovomaltine is one of the oldest and best-known branded products, not only in Switzerland but also worldwide. Consumers use it as a breakfast food and sports drink in 110 countries around the world. The story begins in 1865 in a laboratory in the old town of Bern. The chemist, Dr. Georg Wander, was looking for a solution for the then widespread problem of malnutrition. Then, he developed a malt extract, which was the basis for the iconic power food. The original recipe, which remains the same to this day, contains barley malt extract, egg, milk, and the highest quality cocoa.

Today, it is among the 20 most famous and well-known Swiss brands. Ovomaltine is sold in over a hundred countries and is very popular among consumers of all ages. In some countries, it’s known as Ovaltine.

Stella Bernrain, a high-quality Swiss Chocolate producer, laid its foundation in 1925. Chocolate Stella Bernrain transforms gourmet ideas into high-end delicious chocolate. Hence, the brand is recognized for its strict quality standards. All their products are made with exquisite ingredients, love, and certainly with the utmost care. No matter which Stella Bernrain you choose, it will leave you wanting more!

Camille Bloch Swiss Chocolate

Chocolates Camille Bloch SA is a traditional family chocolate factory that was founded in 1929. Today, it is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland and employs 180 staff. Furthermore, the company uses natural ingredients for making Torino, Ragusa, and liqueur chocolate specialties. Quality is the top Camille Bloch priority!

Camille Bloch used a mass of ground hazelnuts and whole hazelnuts to fill a bar of chocolate. He poured this mixture into successive layers and cut them into rectangular bars. Hence, the Ragusa chocolate was born.

Today, the Ragusa chocolate bar still possesses the original characteristics — the same recipe, the traditional method of manufacturing, and, of course, the same rectangular shape.

The cult chocolate bar won the hearts of Swiss consumers with its smooth praline filling, whole hazelnuts, and original rectangular shape. Most importantly, it is 100% natural!

Favargeris a Swiss chocolate-making organization established by visionary Jacques Foulquier in 1826. It is located in Versoix, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

The brand strives to deliver the most excellent experience to the consumers. Therefore, they incorporate and control strictly every part of the chocolate-making process. Everything gets checked thoroughly, from the selection to transportation of cocoa beans to the creation of original recipes.

Enjoy these delicious, creamiest, and mouthwatering Favarger chocolates with different flavors from your home! We deliver products directly from suppliers to ensure you are getting the best product you deserve.

Maestrani Chocolate Manufacture

Maestrani is a Swiss chocolate company that offers a select range of chocolate specialties. In their factory in Flawil, St. Gallen, they produce excellent chocolate and confectionery treats under the brand and Munz.

Minor is all-natural chocolate. Since the brand does not add any artificial flavors or aromas to its products, all you will taste are high-quality natural ingredients. They combine creamy chocolate with Swiss milk and add roasted hazelnut chips, in addition to vanilla extract directly from the pod!

In Switzerland, every child is familiar with the name “Munz”. Hence, every child feels great with a piece of Munz chocolate in their hands.

Let’s start with a little bit of history first. The romantic Swiss village of Gottlieben had the two most famous inhabitants. First is Queen Hortense Bonaparte, who lived at nearby Schloss Arenenberg from 1817 to 1837. Afterward, her favorite son, the later emperor of France, Louis Napoleon III, also became a lover of the mouth-watering Gottlieber wafer rolls.


For many years now, Gottlieber’s traditional mix in red, green, and blue has been popular with young and old alike and is by far their top seller.

The melt-in-your-mouth praline filling contains roasted hazelnuts and premium cocoa paste. It’s also the basis of the mocha filling, combining perfectly with the finest arabica coffee. Gianduja filling will enchant you with its delightful taste of roasted hazelnuts while enticing you with a coating of organic dark chocolate.

In a word, Gottlieber traditional mix of praline, mocha, and gianduja is the best composition you can find. There are many Swiss Chocolate Brands available out there, but this chocolate is unique. Try and see for yourself!

Laederach chocolate stands for high-quality, hand-made Swiss chocolate specialties. They are known to be the hallmark of pure chocolate sensation. Moreover, the brand is also recognized to be the very best in its industry niche.

Their premium souvenir chocolate praline box is a truly unique gift, harmonious in taste and in presentation. For an exquisite chocolate experience, turn to our lovely sweet box and you will never be disappointed! Discover a pleasure for all senses!

The well-known Kagi received its name from the founder, Otto Kägi, who added and shortened the French word for wafer, “gaufrette”. Since 1958, their home was Toggenburg, using only high-quality, pure raw materials.

They follow a traditional recipe for over 50 years using pure, natural ingredients and homemade Swiss milk chocolate.

The leader among wafer specialties — the Kagi Classic Chocolate Wafers! Since they are covered with fine Swiss chocolate, these Swiss wafers will absolutely melt in your mouth. Enjoy them during meetings, during coffee breaks, or as an afternoon snack.

Caotina Swiss chocolate brand is famous for its years of experience in making the best chocolate products by adhering to strict Swiss standards. And when you try their choco powder from authentic Swiss shops like Swissmade Direct, you will definitely like the experience!

This choco powder is the perfect chocolate indulgence for the discerning connoisseur. Made with real Swiss chocolate Caotina offers the original full taste experience of drinking chocolate.

Last but not least — Bachmann! Bachmann is the market-leading bakery in central Switzerland. For 120 years, the Bachmann company has provided bread, delicate pastries, and specialties of the very best quality. Their bakery at Lucerne produces more than 500 different fresh products every day, using recipes handed down through the generations.

What makes this brand unique compared to other Swiss Chocolate Brands? One of the most unbelievable facts is that they use 65 tonnes of chocolate every year. Besides, they make 40 different varieties of bread and 30 types of pralines every day. Furthermore, they create almost 400 wedding cakes every year! Impressive isn’t it?

To sum up, all of these brands have one thing in common: a passion for innovation and a great love of chocolate. From the cacao bean to the end product, they focus on high quality and impeccable taste. For all of these reasons, we can safely say that no matter brand you chose, their chocolate will bring instant happiness to your taste buds and soul on every single bite.

Get the best from Swiss Chocolate Brands

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